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یزد لایی | YAZD LAIE

Yazd LAIE, as the first hyper nonwoven in the world, is a supplier of all kinds of spunbond, thermobonding, adhesive layer, Thermo fuse, ballon, spun lace, and all types of filler fibers.

Putting quality at the forefront, this collection has entered the field of producing surgical masks (three-layer sanitary masks), advertising bags, and vacuum cleaner envelopes.

List of non-woven fabrics of Yazd LAIE company


The complete spun bond basket with medical, health, industrial, packaging

Binding cover spun bond

Binding cover spun bond production is up to 2.5 meters wide, which can create a revolution in the cover and handbag industry.


Supplying Mellat Blown (Meltblown), the primary mask filter, and related industries regarding purification and filtering

Thermo bonding

These products are produced from 17 to 80 grams per square meter and up to 2300 mm wide…


Spunlace is mainly used to manufacture and produce wet wipes due to its unique


Filling fibers in the Yazd Laie collection are supplied as balls (bal fiber), rolled and microfiber, or pseudo-fill


Supplying Mellat Blown (Meltblown), the primary mask filter, and related industries regarding purification and filtering

Industrial products of non-woven fabrics


For fabric consistency, various layers can be used to increase the strength and thickness of all types of fabric. In between, woven fabrics

Promotional bag

Promotional bags include different types, such as paper and cloth bags that

vacuum cleaner envelope

The vacuum cleaner envelope is one of the essential products whose quality is directly related to the life of your device

Cloth folder with buttons

Yazdlai office fabric folder, made with the best raw materials with practical quality for offices and schools, has a long lifespan due to its excellent material.

Dress cover

Protecting the clothes by using Yazdlai cover made with spun bond sanitary fabric

Handbag Binding cover

One of the most essential advantages of Binding cover bags is their very reasonable price, bearing in mind that transparent cellophane has a shorter life and a high price. Still, many trades have to use these cellophanes to make the product visible.

 Suit cover

Our company’s jacket cover material is one of the best materials.

Sanitary products of non-woven fabrics

Disposable towel

What is a disposable towel, and what is its use? What features do these types of towels have?

THE wire mask and cache

Yazd Laie is ready to cooperate with…


Yazd Laie, according to the instructions of the Food and Drug Organization of the country regarding three-layer masks…

Disposable baby underlay

Disposable baby pads made with hygienic materials

Agricultural products, non-woven fabrics

Wide agricultural span band

For the first time in Iran and West Asia, Khaneh Nebafete Jahan Company (Yazdelai) has produced wide spunband fabrics in agriculture.

Machinery products

Disposable towel machine

The technical and engineering team of Yazd Lai has managed to develop the latest version of the disposable towel machine.